Tuesday, October 9, 2012

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: WNFP Unveils New Design of Website

Mount Vernon, NY 10/09/12 - Westchester Networking for Professionals (WNFP) a popular business networking organization in Westchester County, NY is excited to announce the unveiling of their newly designed and improved website.  The new site design brings new features and updates previous attributes for easier browsing.  After listening to feedback from others, the redesign features more advertising space, better navigations for easier searches, and is more user friendly.

The new design is more dynamic, and will allow WNFP Webmasters to highlight more content viewers don’t want to miss such as interesting articles, upcoming events, WNFP news and updates etc. Their goal is to promote members and community of professionals. 

Additionally, the website will increase the visibility of members’ announcements by featuring them on the website’s homepage. Event photos and video footage will also become more prominent and connectivity to our other programs will be easy to locate at the bottom of each website page.

WNFP look forward to our members and prospective members to take full advantage of our new design features and business tools to help generate professional relationships and build new business through our website advertising and sponsorship programs.

WNFP offers business professionals a free signup to become a Basic Member and create a professional profile for a listing in their members’ directory with allows access to members-only privileges throughout the site. 

Members can chose to stay with a basic membership or upgrade to our Privileged Card Membership for advertising discounts, additional exposure throughout our website, live exposure at upcoming events, social media channels and our e-newsletters.

WNFP invite you to explore their newly designed and improved website at http://www.wnfp.org. They believe that the change will engage more business professionals to learn about their benefits as well as how to become more involved with WNFP events and programs.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Join us on Meetup.com!

 Looking to meet other business professionals? Want to socialize with like minded individuals? Do you want to meet other

Westchester Networking for Professionals has extended their networking opportunities.  We are now on Meetup.com!

Join us on Meetup.com and be the first to know about upcoming events and activities.

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

11 Marketing Analytics - Best Practices You Need to Know

New on WNFP Download Center ~ Free Download
This white paper first looks at the fundamental requirements that a BI solution should deliver to your company. It also covers 11 key questions you should be asking of a future BI technology partner to ensure you have BI that is capable of fulfilling your analytical and reporting needs. http://bit.ly/wIdFsI

How to Maximize the Power of your eMail Marketing - Guide

01/18/12 - New on WNFP Download Center ~ Free Download
This paper explores how to use email marketing to support complex buying processes, and whether email marketing or marketing automation are the right tools to use.