Monday, February 23, 2015


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As a sales training consultant, the three biggest issues I help salespeople with today are:

·      Price integrity.
·      Customer loyalty.
·      Fighting hungry competition.

These issues manifest themselves in BOTH lost sales that you could have won, and lost profits that you could have earned.

The Tough questions I ask my clients (and you should be asking your team) are:
• What are you doing to fight price pressures?
• What is your sales team doing this year to dominate the market and the competition?
• What is the perceived difference between you and the competition?
• What are you doing to create real value for customers and prospects in your sales presentation?
• What are you doing to build more value-driven, loyal relationships?
And the age-old question:
• Where’s the beef? (AKA: Where’s the proof YOU are the best buy?)

The key to success lies in the following 5 answers:
1. Value offered by the salesperson vs. value perceived by the customer. Ask yourself: What am I doing to TRANSFER my value message so the customer receives it AND believes it to be valuable?
2. Reputation of the product, the company, AND the salesperson. Ask yourself: What is my TOTAL reputation and how do I continue to build it?
3. Proof of product, service, value, quality, and outcome – social and video testimonials. Ask yourself: How am I using “voice of customer” as both social proof and video proof to win customer confidence and sales?
4. Depth of customer relationships, both with the salesperson and the company. Do they just “like me” and still ask me to bid or quote, or do they just call and order? Ask yourself: Am I still bidding on business, and waiting to be told I won?
5. On-going, on-demand weekly training and reinforcement to both help and support salespeople in the field or on the phone. Real-world, web-based training available on all mobile platforms. Ask yourself: What type of training am I offering that actually HELPS my team improve and make more sales?

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Remember, the old way of selling doesn’t work any more - the difference is your sales success and your profit.

About the Author:  Michael Coelho, MS, is a corporate sales trainer with over 15 years of demonstrated success as an award winning sales professional, sales manager, and corporate trainer.  Michael is also currently an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Economics, Finance, & Management at Manhattanville College.

Michael is also a  Gitomer Certified Advisor (Jeffrey Gitomer is the author of The New York Times best sellers The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude) and can bring you the most up to date sales training based on the best-selling books and proven strategies by Jeffrey Gitomer.  Michael can be reached at