Friday, October 3, 2014

Organic Vs. Paid: Ranking in Google Search

As a small business owner, we all know that when it comes to establishing a new business, keeping expenses to a minimum is very important. I say this because you can spend a lot of money on paid advertising, Google Ad Words, and other means to get people to know you business, or you can opt for some other less expensive strategies. The goal is the same: is to reach as many people, or future clients as you can. There are two ways to accomplish this goal when trying to have your company come up on the top ____ in a Google search, Organically, or Paid. The term Organic means not paid for, or as we like to call it, FREE!! The term “paid” is exactly that, you are paying Google, or another company, to help you get ranked and to get noticed and gain followers. When it comes to Pay per click (PPC) - - also called cost per click - - you are paying for a service such as ADWORDS, which is an advertising service by Google for businesses in which advertisers pay the publisher (typically a website owner) when the ad is clicked. It is defined simply as “the amount spent to get an advertisement clicked.” An Organic Search is achieved by convincing the Search Engines that you are more relevant for a particular keyword or phrase (that you provide). When creating your business website the easiest Organic tactic to reach your audience is to lock in on the perfect domain name, this allows the best way to maximize the traffic to your site. Investing in your own domain name with a shorter web address will make it easier for your visitors to remember and spell your site and it will appear more professional, and will stand out more. This was one trick I wish I had known before creating my business domain name.


When it comes to gaining followers, with respect to social media and blogging, each platform has its own paid service. Facebook and Twitter give you the opportunity to pay for ads to promote your page so that more people will be reached. When I launched my business Brennan Social Innovations (BSI) and created the social media and blog accounts, seeing “0 followers” at first was a frighten thing. How was I going to get anyone to follow me? Sure I can pay to acquire followers, but spending money on advertising was something that I really didn't have the funds to do. As I got deeper into researching the ins and outs of social media and blogging, I found the best way to establishing my business presence would be to take advantage of 4 things: Time, Consistency, Patience and Interaction, all of which are Organic and FREE!! I found that of all of the social media platforms Facebook was the hardest to gain likes organically because of the way the business pages are set up. Because it is an extension of your personal page it makes managing business pages and acquiring page likes more difficult if you are not paying for advertising. A good way to begin is to reach out to all of your personal FB friends and family to like your business page. This is way to start, but in the end, these folks are not your target audience. I ended up paying for advertising, but felt that it was really not worth the money. For the money I spent, the number of extra likes was minimal. Twitter and Pinterest on the other hand were much more interactive than Facebook, and I found them to be a lot easier to gain followers organically. I started by searching for anything that had to do with social media and businesses both locally and regionally that I thought could become clients and followed as many synergistic businesses as I could. Then I started posting and interacting, and before I knew it my follower base was growing. I also began blogging, which is a great way to increase SEO and up your ranking organically on Google, and I am finding that sharing my experience and knowledge is playing an important part not only in increasing my credibility as a business owner, but in allowing me to reach more people. I know you are probably thinking increasing followers on the social media platforms is all well and good but what does that have to do with driving people to my business website? Well, it has everything to do with it. The goal is to drive as many people to your website and the first line of attack in doing this is making sure that there are inbound links to your website as part of your profile on your social media accounts. Then its important to make consistent in your posting and interactions. The more you draw people in by your posts, the more interest you will garner for your business and website. It may take more time then if you spent the money to launch a PPC (Pay per click) campaign but with a little patience you will see results and it won't cost you a thing. When it comes to establishing a successful business you have to think of it as a marathon not a sprint, and this is why taking on an Organic approach can be as effective as paying for ads.


graph credit goes to Agile impact

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