Monday, February 13, 2017

[GUIDE] How to Promote Your Email Marketing on Social Media

Did you know that email marketing and social media work really well together?

Connecting with your customers on
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other major social media channels is a great way to build relationships and raise awareness for your business.

But the real power of social media comes from integrating it with your other marketing channels — like email marketing. 

According to a Constant Contact survey, small businesses that use multiple channels in conjunction with email reported: more customer engagement (73 percent), more new customers (57 percent), more website traffic (54 percent), more revenue (40 percent), and more referrals (39 percent).

Best of all,
Constant Contact has features that make it easy to combine your email marketing and social media efforts.

Check out our new guide, Promote Your Small Business with Email and Social Media, to learn more

This how-to guide shows you how you can use Constant Contact’s social media features to get the most bang for your email’s buck.

We’ll show you easy-to-use tools, including:

Social Share

Which will let you create social media posts to promote a specific email. These posts will be tracked on your Email Details page, so you’ll know how many people see your post!

Constant Contact’s Tool for Facebook Advertising 

Where you can create ads to help you grow your email list. These views will also be tracked on the Email Details page, and you can watch how it’s working in real time.

Bookmark or download the guide so you can refer to it the next time you create an email campaign.

Brand new to email marketing? You can try Constant Contact for your business free for 60 days. Sign up for your free trial. 


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