Friday, September 14, 2018

5 Ways to Keep Your Business Growing

Running a small business requires effort, time, money and many other things. You also need to take advantage of the plethora of tools that exist in order to succeed. Some of these tools are tangible and some are concepts that will strengthen you and your business. Here are five ways to keep your business growing.

Focus on flexibility

While it may feel like a challenge it’s in your best interest to keep a flexible mindset. A business that has flexibility is better equipped to navigate through hard times than one that is more rigid. Flexible small business owners who are ready to adapt know they have to accommodate to changes in the industry. Focus on staying malleable; you always need to be open to making changes and implementing improvements.

Use business cards

Don’t underestimate the power of high quality business cards! Business cards still matter. In a world where everything is digital, handing out business cards is one way to make a genuine connection and offer a great first impression of your brand. The best news? You can even make your own business cards using Microsoft Word making this a very lucrative method of direct marketing.

Develop a brand voice

In order to really strengthen your brand, you need to develop a voice. A compelling and original voice almost acts as a magnet, making customers come back time and again. It will help you build an engaged community of fans who listen to your every word, leading to a community that grows as your fans share your posts.

Blogging is a great way to show your voice. If you need blog topic ideas, that’s okay. Everyone runs into a wall sometimes. To get inspiration, focus on images, turn to past highly successful posts and elaborate on the topic and write how-to posts.

Use social media

Everyone knows social media is an incredibly powerful tool when used correctly. You can use it to promote your business. It will also give you powerful insight when you practice social listening. You will find out what your customers are saying about you, learn more about their behavior, determine trends and keywords that appeal to your target market, and boost your customer service skills. Social media is hands down one of the top customer engagement strategies available to small business owners today.

Give back to the community

If you want to attract new business, build brand awareness right in your community. You can sponsor a little league team or participate in a local community event such as a 5K walk or run and raise your business profile. Do what you can to make sure people know you and what you stand for – forging personal relationships and gaining credibility is what will take your small business to the next level.

Growing your small business will be an ongoing pursuit that requires innovation and hustle. Keep an open mind and use these tools to ensure your business will continue to attract new customers and retain your current ones.

What techniques have your small business used to continue to grow?


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