Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Why Companies Invest in Event Marketing

In today’s world, all marketing could happen without face-to-face engagement. The digital age has simplified the process of brands connecting with customers, yet companies are still relying on sponsorship and event marketing. Why? Here are a few reasons.

Connect with a Targeted Audience

Most events cater to a specific demographic, creating the perfect opportunity for a brand to align itself with its target audience. Event promoters typically provide potential sponsors with an outlook at the event’s demographics in order for the brand to decide whether or not the partnership is the right fit.

Sell and Sample Products

Events give companies direct access to their prospective customers in order to conduct sampling or sales. Many companies staff their booths with seasoned brand ambassadors to attract customers and also offer event specials to help drive sales.

Create a Memorable Experience

Direct interaction with an audience expands a network and establishes a shared experience that can enhance future communication. When brand ambassadors interact directly with attendees, a unique, memorable relationship is forged with the brand.

Demonstrate Importance

By speaking directly to its customers, a brand demonstrates their commitment to create a relationship with their target audience. Event marketing provides a one-on-one environment through which brand building and loyalty can be established.

Enhance Brand Awareness

Events often draw thousands or even millions of attendees in a short period of time. Whether it’s through a logo on a banner or an experiential booth, brand exposure is one of the huge added benefits of event marketing.

Though digital media seems to be dominating the marketing world, face-to-face interactions are still powerful and will always remain more personal. 

Source: http://www.ontheavenuemarketing.com

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