Sunday, June 8, 2014

NETWORKING TIPS: What to Wear at Networking Events

Are you looking forward to attending your first networking event?  Attending networking events is a powerful way to market yourself and your business. But, networking events are more than just showing up, you need to be prepared as with any meeting.  And the way you dress to attend a networking event determines the success of your experience.  Dressing appropriately can also boost your confidence to engage in conversations.

There are many types of dress codes for networking events, ask the Host about the dress code of the event you are attending to avoid feeling out of place.

  1. Business Casual Attire: A clothing style which is a mixed and relaxed, a little more casual than traditional business wear. 
  2. Informal or Business Attire: Typically a business suit for men and women, men must also where a necktie.
  3. Business Formal Attire: A matching business suit with tie (men), either black, dark gray or dark blue only. Button down shirts or blouse for women. Heels make a better statement for women and leather shoes for men.

 CLICK HERE to check out the suggested styles of attire you can wear at your next networking event.

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