Thursday, June 16, 2016


Using emails to get customers in is one of the easiest forms of restaurant marketing there is. We work with many different eateries around the country and let me tell you, a good restaurant with great service and amazing food draws raving fans like bees to honey!

The best part? Your customers want to know about what you are doing! They want to know when the events are, which days they should come in for their special favorites and especially be reminded of how much fun they had the last time they were in!

Now, I go to restaurants A LOT and I can count on one hand the times that I have been asked for my email address. Treating each and every customer as a one off is a recipe for disaster! By simply adding an email component to your restaurant marketing, you can guarantee that you can fill your restaurant whenever you like!

So how do you get their emails?

Low Tech/Low Cost: Ask! Put cards on the table and ask for their name and email address in return for a free beverage or dessert.

High Tech/Low Cost: Have a website you drive your customers to and gather their names in return for a dollar savings coupon.

High Tech/High Cost: As you notice, all these ideas YOU control. One of the worst things we have seen lately is the proliferation of half off deals that where the restaurant gets 25% of the revenue for one customer coming in the door. Equally as bad are the ones where you pick one geo-targeting brand like FourSquare and pay them to do your promotion. Seriously, you can do this on your own and keep control of your customers and their contact info!

Whatever data collection technique you choose, start today. Have your hostess start collecting emails when she takes a reservation, have a contest with your servers to see who can get the most email address or spiff your bartenders a buck for every address they collect.


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