Tuesday, November 17, 2015

5 Effective Ways to Get New Customers at Business Events

Do you find it a challenge to getting new customers?

Finding new customers is a challenge for every business and could take different types of strategies.  The most common strategies are face-to-face networking events, social media and the traditional snail mail.

In order to find and attract new customers you must get the visibility your company needs to gain exposure.

If you’re looking to attract new business or service new clients here’s how event marketing can help turn prospects into paying customers.

Give Something Away
Participate in donating a raffle prize giveaway it can lead to new business.  You can donate a service discount or product samples.  Whether the items donated from your company or your purchase it to donate, it can offer your company valuable visibility.

Meeting People
Attending events are a great way to meet people; most people purchase tickets to attend events, why should you do what other do; stand out from the crowd, invest as a sponsor of the event or other marketing opportunities to promote your business at the event to expand your visibility.

Build Relationships
Introduce yourself and business to other attendees, but don’t come off too strong trying to make a sale, your goal is to increase visibility with attendee. Develop a connection and find ways you can help others and in return people would be comfortable referring you customers.

Follow Up
Don’t neglect to follow up those you met or visited your table at the event.  You can follow up with a short “Thank You” email, for visiting your table and expressing interest in your products or services.

Be Consistent
You must be consistent with your event marketing strategies for positive results. Once is not enough to build relationships and referrals for new customers.

Event marketing has allowed me to build my network of professional connections, increased my referral base and increased my sales.

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