Thursday, July 27, 2017

An Introvert's Guide to Highly Effective Networking

You can still get great results without draining your social batteries.

What are some effective networking tips for introverts?

Answer by Helen Min, Head of Marketing at Quora:

Everyone will tell you networking is important, but for introverts, networking is an especially effective way to increase the number of inbound opportunities which decreases the number of times you'll have to "put yourself out there" to reach a professional objective.

It's not an option to skip networking, so find ways to grow your network that you can live with. In general, find ways to redirect in-person networking to online interactions:

  • Get really good at connecting people through email. Don't skimp on introductions, get initial contact off to an enthusiastic start, and make clear that the two parties should take it from there.
  • Develop meaningful 1-on-1 relationships with master networkers. Invest in the relationship and share thoughtful analysis with them each time you meet. Because they enjoy networking, they will appreciate having smart analysis to pass on with proper attribution.
  • Ask thought-provoking questions and share perspectives with people you want to reach online. Quora is obviously a great place for this.
  • Fill out your social media bios. Make it easy for others to identify common interests you may share and possibly reach out as a result. This means fighting against your natural tendency to be private.
  • Do a talk on a topic that you can absolutely nail. Reach the audience you want to network with through this form of one-way communication and end the talk with a clear way to reach you online (it's fine to ghost immediately after you give the talk, don't feel pressured to stick around for 1-on-1 questions).

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