Monday, April 2, 2018


As a sole-entrepreneur, I am convinced that every entrepreneur should join a group of their peers to help them grow their business.

If you are an entrepreneur seeking to surround yourself with individual who understand the challenges, strengths and weakness of running a business. The Westchester Networking for Professionals Small Business Exchange Program is for you.

Are you familiar with the term “MasterMind Group”?

The Small Business Exchange Program is an online interactive meeting for solo-entrepreneurs, the same format as a mastermind group.  If you’re not familiar with the term, it’s a small group of individuals aiming for a similar target, who come together to mentor, solve problems, give input and advise to help each other reach that target.

The target of the Small Business Exchange Program members is to help each other succeed in business.

Member of the group meets twice a month virtually for an hour and a half for six weeks. If you’re serious about reaching your goals for a successful business you would secure your spot for six weeks.  But you do have the option to secure your seat for one meeting.

The group will focus on 5 essentials of a successful business:
  1. New client acquisitions
  2. Improving business strategies
  3. Marketing and promoting your business
  4. Connecting you with needed resources
  5. Providing help and guidance to your business.

If you analyze your business situation now, can you use help and guidance in any of these areas?

There are many benefits for you and your business when joining the Small Business Exchange Program 1) it’s an opportunity for you to let go of the feeling of working alone to reach your goals, 2) gain the advice you need to meet objectives, 3) work with you very own support team who will motivate, inspire and uplift you while running your business.


The Small Business Exchange Program is limited to 12 people. To sign up, visit Westchester Networking for Professionals events page for April 17, 2018 scheduled meeting.

Westchester Networking for Professionals (WNFP) is a business organization focused on providing our members and guests with an extraordinary networking experience, bringing business professionals together for the sole purpose of generating new relationships and developing new business opportunities. Not a member, learn how you can become a member and join this awesome group of professionals to connect and grow your business.

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